Lloyd Allen is completely self taught, having painted for many years whilst working as a health professional in the field of cancer and palliative care.

He sites the influence of many great painters in his work particularly Corot, Seago, Turner, Constable and Rembrandt,as well as contempory artists such as Leffel and Schmid, for as he says, ‘although I am self taught these artists have shown me how to see, or as Leffel puts it, the answer is not 'in sight' but 'insight'.
Most people consider his work to be traditional rather than contemporary - by which they usually mean abstract, ‘ In fact all painting is fundamentally abstract; 'the word is never the thing' as the philosopher and mystic Krishnamurti put it. 
Lloyd works exclusively in oils, because of its technical potential to capture the illusive nature of light which he tries to capture in his paintings.